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Based between LA and East Asia, I specialize in Japan-based travel writing, Japan trip planning, and itineraries. I also write about translated Japanese literature, film, food, and culture. Welcome to my portfolio which includes some of my photography and writing examples. 

I have written for the Japan National Tourism Organisation based in the US and am a regular contributor to Tripsavvy, Japan Journeys, and Japan Objects as a contracted Japan specialist. I also contribute to a number of other publications, which you'll see below. I manage an award-winning Asia travel and literature blog, Books and Bao. We currently receive 60,000 viewers per month.

You can find out more about me and what I offer here, or you can view some of my photography or culinary travel writing.

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Japan Objects

Tango Chirimen: 7 Best Places Along Kyoto’s Silk Road

One of the first places to go if you want to learn about silk production, and to see the undyed fabric and raw silk being made, is Tayuh Textile. There, you can take one of their free factory tours. Within this building they do everything from making the threads from silk cocoons and dyeing the fabrics to manufacturing and selling the fabrics; it all happens here. It takes 3,000 silk cocoons to make a single kimono so the level of work undertaken here, and the dedication to the craft and its me
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Culture Trip

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Furano

Make sure to take a walk through the winding forest and shopping cabins of Ningle Terrace to reach . Ningle Terrace is one of Furano’s top attractions, and local creators’ products are showcased in its log cabins. It’s open from noon daily but is particularly stunning at night when the trees and cabins are lit up with fairy lights. This is a perfect time to meet local creators and purchase artisanal products, which vary from food and drink (including wine) to handmade fashion accessories and or
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Tokyo Grave
ANA Intercontinental Tokyo
Ine, Kyoto
Kyoto Silk

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Japanese Film Festival

The world of Japanese saké as seen in Kampai! For the Love of Sake

Anyone who has tried good sake (pronounced sah-keh) can attest to the initial simplicity behind the drink giving way to depth and flavor. Drinking sake is an ancient tradition amongst the Japanese people, and can be found mentioned as far back as the 3rd century. Sake, or nihonshu (literally, Japanese liquor) as it is known in Japan, is very much intertwined with the culture of Japan, and is considered one of the country’s national beverages. Fascination with nihonshu is growing throughout the
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